This was going to start as a vlog, then a podcast, and now has been changed to a text only format. Maybe one day it will go to one of those others.

This was started as a response to so many critics of movies, games, and television shows. They always come to these things from the angle of a critic or a reviewer, often pressured to finish games in a short amount of time in the case of game reviewers, and does not always reflect the true nature of something, in my opinion. Of course they are harsh on these things. That’s what they are paid to do. I’m not saying they should ever stop.

What I am saying is that I think it would be nice to have a voice yelling in the void that isn’t looking at things with a critical eye. That is just someone who enjoys these things because it’s a pastime, not a job.

I’m just a nerd who currently works as something so far removed from video games and media it’s not worth mentioning, but who enjoys what they do anyway because the work suits me and because I work with other media enthusiasts.

I am not a professional in the media field in any way. I just have a passion for games, movies, television, and even books and other sorts of things.